Cloud Services for the Business Market

A Webinar Series

This multi-part webinar series examines network management challenges facing modern IT departments and how real-time application awareness, network policy control, and cloud technologies can help businesses better understand the delivery and performance of critical applications on their network to improve quality of experience and reduce network and IT operations costs.

Part 1: Understanding Application Performance


The explosion of consumer applications and BYOD devices on enterprise networks is overwhelming IT departments as they struggle to effectively manage their networks. These consumer applications threaten the productivity of the business, consuming vital bandwidth and increasing network congestion that impacts quality and performance.

To protect application performance, you need to be able to see it; however, many systems deployed today are not best-of-breed, application-aware solutions, and fail to provide the complete picture. Additionally, legacy systems traditionally operate as on-premises appliances, resulting in increased OPEX costs and introducing points of failure of critical systems.

In part one of this series, Matt Duench will discuss:

  • How to deal with increasing bandwidth requirements to support users and business applications.
  • How to maximize the quality of experience of business critical applications.
  • Protect the performance of business-critical applications.
UPDATED : 2016-08-09 17:20:43