The Data-Driven CSP

A Sandvine Webinar


For communications service providers (CSPs), running a successful network business means making decisions. Some decisions are strategic, and shape the business long-term; others are tactical, and impact the day-to-day. All are important enough to get right.

In this webinar, Sandvine will show how our customers are taking the guesswork out of their decisions, turning valuable insight into decisive action by leveraging a foundation of unique visibility and metrics that matter – even for encrypted network traffic – and powerful data solutions.

Whether you already have a big data system up-and-running, are just starting out, or have no immediate plans, we’ll show how our solutions fit your business to enable:

  • Real-time monitoring of critical KPIs
  • Ongoing analysis of market trends; and
  • Strategic deep-dives into critically important matters

With Sandvine, you always have the insights you need to be a data-driven CSP.

UPDATED : 2017-06-22 09:19:23