Secure Pipes: The Importance & Value of the Network as a Security Layer

A Sandvine Webinar


Cyber security addresses a wide range of issues and solutions related to protecting networks, businesses and subscribers from malicious Internet activity and harmful content. Experts agree that a layered approach is best, and perhaps no layer is as important as the network itself.

Traditional approaches rely on many different solutions installed at the boundary between a "trusted" private business or residential network and the "untrusted" public Internet. Today, residential subscribers and overwhelmed business IT security professionals are demanding a network-based solution that complements these boundary techniques and is specifically engineered for the untrusted environment and threats of the public Internet.

Join Sandvine and Symantec to learn:

  • Why the network is often overlooked as a security layer, and why protecting it imposes specific requirements
  • Why boundary solutions are a necessary but insufficient part of a layered, end-to-end approach
  • How communications service providers can protect the network, subscribers and businesses, and can even grow revenue with value-added "secure pipes" services
UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:54:59