Cloud Services for the Business Market

A Webinar Series

This multi-part webinar series examines network management challenges facing modern IT departments and how real-time application awareness, network policy control, and cloud technologies can help businesses better understand the delivery and performance of critical applications on their network to improve quality of experience and reduce network and IT operations costs.

Part 3: Introducing Network Services to Your Cloud Marketplace



Service providers around the world are swiftly adopting cloud-based infrastructure to make services more dynamically accessible to their business customers.

For SMBs, layer-7 application awareness has quickly become a “must-have” feature for the operational management of the enterprise network as hardware-based firewall or legacy WAN Optimization vendors that provide recognition and enforcement through IP address or port-based policies are no longer effective.

Unfortunately, even with their cloud marketplace offerings, many service providers are unable to deliver the robust network services their business customers require to increase productivity and regain control over their business Internet usage.

In part three of this series, Matt Duench will discuss:

  • What is a “Cloud Marketplace?”
  • What are Network Services and what can they do for you?
  • How to dynamically add network services like analytics-as-a service or control-as-a-service through a cloud marketplace
UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:59:24