Improving Network Efficiency and Subscriber QoE with TCP Acceleration

A Sandvine Webinar


In today’s networks, TCP’s very nature causes problems:

  • When additional bandwidth is available, TCP may not be fast enough
  • When too little bandwidth is available, TCP may be too fast
  • When there are many concurrent TCP connections, the collection as a whole behaves inefficiently

For CSPs, these problems have two significant consequences: network efficiency is harmed, causing performance return on investment to fall below expectations; and subscribers are dissatisfied, due to poor application quality of experience.

TCP acceleration allows communications service providers (CSPs) to dramatically improve network efficiency and subscriber quality of experience (QoE), without making changes to the network infrastructure.

In this session, Nick St. Pierre, VP of Sandvine's Office of the CTO, will show you how TCP acceleration can:

  • Increase network performance for any access network
  • Improve subscriber quality of experience
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Drive rapid ROI
UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:56:06