How to Engage Subscribers to Increase Profitability

A Sandvine Webinar


Every time a subscriber interacts with a communications service provider (CSP), it’s an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. But subscriber engagement isn’t just about warm feelings: done right, it increases profitability by encouraging usage, growing revenue, lowering operating expenses, and creating happier subscribers that become advocates for your brand.

Because subscriber engagement is a catch-all for multiple diverse use cases, many functions and departments within the CSP organization are stakeholders:

  • Marketing and product team performance is often measured against revenue and adoption rate targets, and real-time engagement is a powerful way to increase awareness, loyalty and to grow revenue
  • Operations teams benefit from self-care use cases and service-related notifications that improve customer service efficiency and relevance and reduce costs
  • The IT organization is usually tasked with sourcing, integrating, and managing the subscriber engagement platform(s) and they look for simplicity and cost-effectiveness

In this session, Ovum and Sandvine examine questions and topics including:

  • What is the value of real-time engagement, both to CSPs and to subscribers?
  • What are some typical barriers to implementing subscriber engagement programs, and how can these barriers be overcome?
  • What digital channels are available to CSPs?
  • How can CSPs increase the relevance of their engagement activities?
  • What are the most powerful engagement use cases?
UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:55:46