How TCP Accelerator Improves Your Business Metrics

A Sandvine Webinar


Sandvine TCP Accelerator customers have reduced network costs and increased revenues while maintaining subscriber quality of experience.

In this session, Senior Product Manager Steve Knapp highlights some of the specific benefits gained from dramatically improving TCP performance.

These benefits include:

  • Revenue from increased traffic: With Sandvine TCP Accelerator, operators report subscribers use more data; generating more revenue without incurring the cost of new customer acquisition.
  • Interconnect fee savings from reduced retransmissions: Retransmissions are reduced, which reduces traffic over the radio network and Internet interconnection fees.
  • Savings from deferred network upgrades: Network upgrades can be delayed. With Sandvine TCP Accelerator installed, the lifespan of network elements is increased while maintaining good service.
  • Increased radio network capacity: The radio network is more efficient; RAN elements have increased capacity to meet growing subscriber demands.
UPDATED : 2017-04-25 11:09:14