Cloud Services for the Business Market

A Webinar Series

This multi-part webinar series examines network management challenges facing modern IT departments and how real-time application awareness, network policy control, and cloud technologies can help businesses better understand the delivery and performance of critical applications on their network to improve quality of experience and reduce network and IT operations costs.

Part 2: Deploying Resource Management and Productivity Controls



In a rapidly changing and complex environment, IT organizations need dynamic, application-based bandwidth management solutions that deliver OPEX savings and productivity gains for the business. An example of this is dynamically prioritizing business VoIP applications ahead of online backup services such as OneDrive or Dropbox, or social networking applications such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

For the Enterprise as a whole, these tools help to ensure the success of IT investments by ensuring the network will not be a bottleneck. Additionally, helpdesk calls are reduced as IT administrators can now apply dynamic controls, fundamentally increasing employee productivity across the entire organization.

In part two of this series, Matt Duench will discuss:

  • How business customers can boost productivity and save costs through network policy control solutions.
  • How to align network resource and application performance with business objectives.
  • How to dynamically create and apply productivity controls or prioritize critical applications on the network.
UPDATED : 2016-08-09 17:20:49