Advanced Metrics for the Encrypted World

A Sandvine Webinar

Advanced Metrics for the Encrypted World

January 31, 2017 | 10:00 AM EST (UTC-05:00)

In March 2016, Sandvine released a Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight highlighting the state of encryption on today’s networks. Once Netflix completely rolls out encrypted video, Sandvine expects over 80% of Internet traffic to be encrypted on some networks.

This presents challenges for communications service providers (CSPs): solutions like business intelligence, traffic optimization, subscriber services, and others are all built on accurate traffic identification. What happens to these solutions when traffic is encrypted?

Sandvine's unique capabilities provide the intelligence required to uncover important metrics obfuscated by encryption.

In this session, Product Marketing Manager Matthew Trushinski will cover these important topics:

  • The impact of encryption on today’s networks
  • Sandvine’s advanced Quality of Experience measurement capabilities for encrypted video
  • Visualizing advanced metrics using Sandvine

With Sandvine, CSPs can continue to deliver great services and understand how their network is performing, even with encrypted traffic. Join Matthew to learn how.

About the Speaker

Matthew Trushinski is a Product Marketing Manager for Sandvine's business intelligence products. He helps operators gain actionable insights to better manage their networks. He also contributes to Sandvine's Global Internet Phenomena Program, reporting on the latest industry trends.

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