OutReach Experience Manager

A Sandvine Technology Showcase

Creating an ongoing relationship with subscribers is an important way for communications service providers (CSPs) to reduce churn. Just as importantly, ongoing engagements provide opportunities to increase revenue.

Sandvine OutReach provides fixed, mobile and converged communications service providers (CSPs) with a single product to build and execute multi-channel sales, marketing and customer care campaigns across more than 20,000 devices.

With OutReach, CSPs can rapidly implement a wide variety of valuable use cases, from notifications and promotions, to process workflows and self-service, to app/content stores, to rich subscriber portals.

These engagement tools and campaigns are all defined within and controlled by the OutReach Experience Manager – the only multi-screen cloud-hosted content management system (CMS) built specifically for communications service providers.

The OutReach Experience Manager provides you with everything you need to build stunning device-specific subscriber interfaces and to manage your multi-channel communications campaigns.

This document explains some of the most important functions and features.

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:49:19