Internet Traffic Classification

A Sandvine Technology Showcase

Accurate traffic identification and insightful measurements form the foundation of network business intelligence and network policy control. Without identifying and measuring the traffic flowing on their networks, CSPs are unable to craft new subscriber services, optimize shared resource utilization, and ensure correct billing and charging.

Many techniques exist to identify traffic and extract additional information or measure quantities, ranging from relatively simple to extremely complex; in general, advanced techniques that can provide the most comprehensive information and actionable utility are processor-intensive and are therefore only available on best-of-breed deep packet inspection (DPI) and policy control platforms. So-called embedded solutions typically make do with simplistic approaches that are prone to serviceand revenue-impacting errors.

To ensure the industry’s highest accuracy, largest breadth of completeness, and most comprehensive measurements, Sandvine makes the industry’s highest investment in traffic identification.

Additionally, our policy control platform delivers fundamental functionality that is required in order to recognize traffic in modern high capacity data networks: specifically, our platform overcomes routing asymmetry, delivers stateful awareness across multiple sessions, and inspects within tunneled and encapsulated traffic.

Furthermore, the flexibility and versatility of Sandvine’s policy definition language, SandScript, enables identification and measurements even when encryption and obfuscation measures are in place.

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:50:46