Intelligent NAT Integration

A Sandvine Technology Showcase

As the Internet moves to the use of IPv6 addressing, each communications service provider (CSP) is presented with various challenges and choices in making the transition. IPv4 address exhaustion is an issue for many network operators. Networks can accommodate overlapping IPv4 addresses by using Network Address Translation (NAT) to manage the translation of private and public IP addresses. However, this complicates the process of obtaining subscriber-awareness for accurate service innovation and advanced traffic optimization.

Subscriber-awareness is essential for modern network policies that generate revenue and save costs. A standalone network policy control solution should seamlessly integrate with the network’s NAT operations so it continues to deliver subscriberaware policy according to the primary benefits of its design.

This paper explores Sandvine’s approach to enabling modern Layer-7 use cases with full subscriber-awareness in the presence of NAT and overlapping IPv4 addresses through seamless integration.

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:52:37