Breaking the Terabit Barrier

A Sandvine Technology Showcase

This document explains how Sandvine, DellĀ®, and IntelĀ®, using standards-based virtualization technologies, have achieved data plane performance scale and efficiency within a policy control virtual network function (VNF) that exceeds those of proprietary network appliances.

  • Data Plane Inspection Throughput: 1.1 Tbps (using realistic traffic, including diverse protocols, encapsulation and tunneling)
  • Rack-Space: 10 rack units (RU) (includes all compute, storage, and network components)
  • Peak Power Consumption: 4995 W
  • Performance Density: 110 Gbps/RU
  • Power Efficiency: 4.5 W/Gbps

These figures are all superior to those provided by network appliance vendors, and should effectively put to rest any concerns or questions surrounding the practical and commercial viability of network functions virtualization for policy control use cases. This demonstration proves that network functions virtualization is a cost effective alternative to proprietary network appliances, and that virtualized policy control deployments can meet the scale, efficiency, and business objectives of communications service providers.

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 09:47:55