Independent Scalability and Functionality Test: Sandvine Virtualized Traffic Steering Engine (TSE) and Virtualized Policy Traffic Switch (PTS)

An EANTC Report

This report highlights tests performed on Sandvine’s Traffic Steering Engine (TSE) and Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) Virtual Series performed by EANTC that demonstrate how communications service providers (CSPs) can use Sandvine products to instantly scale virtual functions in their network. As part of the validation, EANTC scrutinized multiple use cases of Sandvine’s Service Function Chaining (SFC) implementation, to verify both their functionality and scalability when faced with real-world network conditions. The multitude of tests performed by EANTC came to some key findings, including:

  • Sandvine’s Traffic Steering Engine can elastically scale-out new service chains as demand dictates, while also ensuring the traffic distribution mechanism between multiple service chains remained intact
  • The Traffic Steering Engine and PTS Virtual Series have a hitless failover and recovery when in a high availability scenario, ensuring network operators can be confident in deploying Sandvine’s virtualized products in situations that require redundancy and network continuity
  • Sandvine’s PTS Virtual Series and Network Security product effectively detected and mitigated both a DNS amplification DDoS attack and a SYN flood DDoS attack without impacting any safe and legitimate network traffic.

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 10:03:50