Inside the Connected Home

A Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight

This Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight endeavors to provide insight on devices that are being actively used within North American households in the hopes to better understand how the increasing number of devices impacts Internet usage.

Some notable points from the research include:

  • The average household now has over seven active devices in use each day, with 6% of households having more than 15 active devices
  • Laptop and Desktops now account for less than 25% of total traffic on fixed access networks
  • Mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) on fixed Wi-Fi networks now account for almost 30% of North American fixed access traffic. This phenomenon known as “home roaming” accounted for only 9% of traffic five years ago
  • On PlayStation 4 consoles, game play traffic is only responsible for 2.5% of the total traffic that device generates. Video streaming (65%), e.g., using the device to access Netflix, and game downloads (25%) make up the majority of their bandwidth consumption
  • On one network, the top consuming Netflix device (over 12%) was not a game console or web browser, but the operator’s branded television set-top box that allows OTT applications

UPDATED : 2017-04-17 10:04:51