Subscription Television Piracy

A Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight

Subscription television piracy is an emergent threat that aims to replicate the live television experience offered by cable and satellite providers for approximately $10 USD a month.

Left unchecked, the risk that subscription television piracy poses to CSPs is enormous: continued adoption of pirate TV streaming services could lead to increased cord-cutting, significantly impacting top-line revenue, overall profitability, and - by extension - undermining an important aspect of the business model of CSPs.

Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Subscription Television Piracy examines the mechanics, economics, and usage drivers of pirated television services. Other highlights from the report include:

  • Pirate television services could generate over 800 million dollars annually for the operators
  • Many pirate television configurations stream 24/7, whether users are watching or not, resulting in many users generating over 1TB of “phantom bandwidth” across their network each month
  • The Mayweather vs. MacGregor boxing match in August accounted for 80% of all pirate streams the evening it occured, and the event may have been watched by 1% of all households in North America
  • Premium television, live sports, news, and international content are the main drivers of pirate television usage

UPDATED : 2017-10-31 15:36:31