Automate with Intent: Using the right data at the right time

24 July 2019 | 10:00 AM EDT (UTC-4:00)

A lot of DPI and network intelligence vendors are falling behind as more and more traffic becomes encrypted. This translates not only to inaccurate classification of traffic, but also a loss of granularity at the real applications generating traffic. The cost to the network operator for this loss of accuracy and granularity can be painful, especially through lost revenue, wasted CAPEX, and increased OPEX to troubleshoot quality of experience (QoE) issues on the network.

As networks rush to implement automation and these efforts are based on incomplete (or incorrect) data, the results will not live up to expectations and may actually adversely affect the QoE that your network delivers to users.

If your DPI or network intelligence vendor can’t collect the right intelligence and QoE-centric key performance indicators, and doesn’t have the right data model for making that data actionable by adding the right context to data, your network will struggle to meet user expectations as well as achieve cost savings.

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