Sandvine’s Usage Management product allows you to increase revenue and achieve competitive differentiation by rapidly introducing a wide range of high-value services. In a highly competitive market, you need to be able to respond to trends quickly to stay relevant, with flexible and configurable solutions that offer subscribers value and quality.

Usage Management helps you reach your revenue goals with real-time usage metering, application visibility, and quota management, no matter the access technology. 

Endless Possibilities

The subscriber services possibilities are — quite literally — endless, but here’s a selection of use cases:

  • Shared data services for family plans, multi-device bundles, and multi-radio (e.g., EVDO and LTE) devices
  • Sponsored data promotions
  • Bite-size internet plans and data passes
  • Roaming services and WiFi passes
  • Bolt-ons and add-ons
  • Postpaid plans with data rollover

No matter your access technology (or combination of access technologies), your billing models, and your market maturity, Usage Management can help you reach your revenue goals, with real-time usage metering and quota enforcement.