Product Overview

The Sandvine Traffic Management product reduces network costs by extracting the maximum amount of performance from existing network infrastructure. It achieves fair-usage and traffic optimization objectives that preserve quality of experience (QoE) in compliance with regulatory requirements, and without capacity expansion.

Key Capabilities

Base Traffic Management provides all the tools needed to quickly and comprehensively manage a network – regardless of access technology – with key capabilities, including:

  • Strict Priority Shaping: prioritize sensitive and valuable applications
  • Weighted Fair Queuing: apply different scheduling based on traffic priority without compromising fairness
  • Minimum Rate Shaping: ensure sensitive applications aren’t starved by aggressive traffic
  • Marking: modify control bits for downstream enforcement

These basic building blocks, when applied based on conditions like time of day, application visibility, subscriber plan, or source or destination network, achieve valuable traffic optimization objectives.

Sandvine QualityGuard

Network congestion, regardless of network size or access type, causes diminished QoE and increases OPEX. Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management with the QualityGuard congestion response system prevents congestion by springing into action only when and where the congestion is about to manifest.

QualityGuard monitors the QoE for all applications in real-time and, when QoE shows signs of degradation, QualityGuard triggers policies to protect high-value network traffic, like real-time entertainment.