Subscriber Perspectives 

Network operators business and operational support systems. Subscriber Perspective associates the subcriber’s network activity with their location, device, service plan, charging, and network quality. Subscriber Perspective is a critical tool for network operators, as it enables a subscriber-centric view of the network for analytics and enforcement - even if the definition of a subscriber is multiple devices, physical locations, or even a combination of IPv4 and IPv6 connections to the network.

When integrated with PacketLogic Real-Time Enforcement actions, a rich set of policy enforcement capabilities is available for the operator. Fair Usage and Congestion management can be done on a per-subscriber basis. Traffic Steering, Mitigation, Filtering, and Triggering can be done on subscriber groups based on policies. For 3GPP deployments, charging policies can include any subscriber attribute or Traffic Perspective.

When combined with Sandvine’s Insights analytics solutions, it enables the operator to gain a comprehensive view of the quality of experience being delivered to their subscribers. Engineering Insights products visualize the subscriber experience, network utilization and quality, providing a view of their network’s performance and quality delivery. Customer Care Insights is focused on a single subcriber’s experience, and enables first call resolution by providing a more comprehensive view of the subscriber’s network experience. Executive Insights aggregates subscriber experiences by location, device, or service plan to guide network investments.

Understand your Subscriber’s Perspective on services & experience

With Subscriber Perspective, service providers can deliver targeted service offerings and enhance the overall subscriber experience.

Subscriber Perspective is key in unlocking the needs of each subscriber group on your network to deliver the service offerings that they are wiling to pay for.

High-value use-cases

Subscriber Analytics
Understand the experience your network is delivering to your subscribers

Service Creation
Gain insights into what content and applications your subscribers are consuming for marketing offers or service plans

Policy Enforcement and Charging
Policy Enforcement at the subscriber account level with support for multiple devices and tethering. Differentiated charging and zero rating at the content level

Congestion Management and Fair Usage
Subscriber-based fairness and congestion management based on subscriber tiers and multi-device plans

First Call Resolution for Customer Care
Integration with Customer Care Insights provides a subscribercentric view to enable first call resolution for fixed, mobile, or WiFi subscribers through Root Cause Analysis

Figure 1

Big Data integration options with eVolution. IPFix for real-time and ODBC for historical data export.

Subscriber Perspective Technology

Subscriber Perspective integrates with the operator’s OSS/BSS through the use of the PacketLogic Subscriber Manager (PSM) software. In Cable networks, the integration is with SNMP, IPDR, and DHCP. In DSL and FTTx networks, the integration is with DHCP. In Mobile networks the integration is with RADIUS and DIAMETER. Other interfaces used for integration include SOAP and JSON-RPC, as well as 3GPP implementations of Gx, Gy, Gz, and CDRs.

Upon authentication, the subscriber’s IP(s) is associated with the subscriber profile and the PRE is sent the subscriber attributes for policy enforcement and analytics purposes. The profile can include location, device type, service plan, access gateway, region, or other information. These attributes can be used to take action and enforce policies to enhance the subscriber experience and are also used within the Insights products to monitor the experience actually delivered to the subscriber.

Figure 1

Subscriber Perspective integration with PacketLogic and OSS/BSS

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