Sandvine’s ContentLogic software enables clearly defined categorization of internet traffic, enabling sophisticated policy enforcement based on specific content types or even specific urls.

ContentLogic provides the content intelligence needed to meet regulatory requirements, minimize the risk posed by malware, phishing or abuse—or to create next-generation subscriber services. Using Sandvine’s Datastream Recognition Definition Language (DRDL™), ContentLogic identifies Internet traffic according to well-defined categories and customer defined lists to match any requirement. This enables the full range of Sandvine policy actions to be applied to specific traffic flows in real-time. Whether replacing an existing content management solution or deploying a new revenue service, ContentLogic fits the bill.

With a single intelligent appliance deployed in-line, ContentLogic provides a high-performance, next-generation content management and filtering solution—without all the space and resources required by non-scalable, client-based systems.



ContentLogic enables solutions that offer significant benefits to service providers and enterprises with large private networks— whether blocking specific content categories or ensuring premium subscriber quality of experience for high-value content. Solution examples:

  • PARENTAL CONTROL – Categorizes sites containing objectionable material, blocking access by individual subscribers or users.
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE – Helps organizations and institutions comply with laws controlling network access to certain types of content, including the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) leveraging the Internet Watch Foundation database.
  • MALWARE AND PHISHING CONTROL –Continually updates malware and phishing categories, enforcing blocking or logging policies to enhance network security.
  • ANALYTICS – Extends rich analytics capabilities to content categories and specific site characteristics, including path, language, media type, the presence of social networking buttons, and more.
  • CHARGING – Provides the intelligence to enable subscriber charging plans offering access to different types of content at different rates.


ContentLogic software can be deployed on any PacketLogic Platform supporting Release 14.1.1 or above.

  • PACKETLOGIC SOFTWARE acts as the enforcement point for all actions and analytics collection. While functionality is not dependent on network placement, PacketLogic solutions are typically deployed in close proximity to border routers or network aggregation points.
  • CONTENTLOGIC can leverage the user awareness of Subscriber Perspectives to apply content intelligence to classes of users or individual subscribers.

Big Data integration options with eVolution. IPFix for real-time and ODBC for historical data export.

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Content Logic

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