PacketLogic/V platforms enable flexible deployments of Sandvine PacketLogic capabilities using industry standard, off-the-shelf hardware and software virtual machine environments


Network operators are demanding greater deployment flexibility and hardware independence when selecting subscriber experience intelligence, analytics and 3GPP-compliant policy enforcement solutions. PacketLogic/V platforms offer all of the software capabilities offered on its hardware-based PacketLogic platforms available on virtual machine environments running on COTS hardware.

All of the functional components that make up Sandvine’s PacketLogic solutions – Perspectives, Presentation, and Actions – can be readily provisioned without purchasing vendor-specific, single-use hardware configurations or purpose-built hardware.

This provides ultimate flexibility in provisioning computing resources and PacketLogic software licenses to provide detailed, subscriber-centric analytics and support for intelligent, real-time policy enforcement.


Full PacketLogic functionality in a virtual platform without performance sacrifices


Full PacketLogic functionality in a virtual platform without performance sacrifices
Key PacketLogic/V Benefits

Software-optimized analytics and enforcement solutions

PacketLogic/V platform components run as individual Virtual Network Function Components (VNFC) that are part of an ETSI-defined Virtual Network Function (VNF) environment that a network operator would need to support a PacketLogic analytics or enforcement solution.

Capabilities supported include:

  • Complete PacketLogic product line support to enable collapsed deployments and efficient use of off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Flexible network deployment supporting full migration capabilities to add services wherever needed without pre-installation of PacketLogic-specific hardware platforms.
  • Analytics and enforcement capabilities sized for your needs with easy upgrades from 1Mbps to over 150Gbps of network traffic throughput
  • Multiple solutions can be deployed delivering the features required for specific services.
  • Designed for tight integration with partner NFV products based on the ETSI NFV architectural framework and ONF SDN standards.

Network Integration

Network operators are turning to virtualization in order to reduce hardware dependencies, optimize capital expenditures, and accelerate their ability to deploy new services and generate revenue. It enables network operators to utilize common hardware and software platforms, gaining economies of scale by using common spares and reducing power consumption and space required.

The PacketLogic/V platform is a flexible solution that can be used to enable all PacketLogic functions that make up the PacketLogic software solutions, each of which can be customized to represent a specific VNF in mobile or fixed broadband network deployments:

  • PacketLogic Perspectives are the intelligence libraries that provide context to network traffic. Subscriber, Content, and Routing are examples of different views that can be provided as part of the PacketLogic solution.
  • PacketLogic Actions are the software capabilities like Congestion Management, Revenue Generation, and Network Security are examples of use cases.
  • PacketLogic Insights product families store and visualize the analytics data, enabling network operators to see how their service offerings are performing and what changes could be made to enhance revenues. Engineering and Customer Care Insights are examples of the Presentations.

Big Data integration options with eVolution. IPFix for real-time and ODBC for historical data export.

Figure 1

Flexible PacketLogic/V Deployment

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