The PacketLogic 8000 platforms set the industry benchmark for appliance-level systems that enable network operators to gain insight into how their networks are performing and take action to improve the subscriber experience.

The PL8840 and PL8960 platforms are 2RU appliances offering a range of throughput speeds and capacities—from 32 Gbps up to 70 Gbps of network traffic throughput accessible through either 4 or 6 modular I/O slots configurable from 8 x 10GE or 16 x 1GE channels (PL8840) or 12 x 10GE or 24 x 1GE channels (PL8960).


PacketLogic 8000 platforms can be configured to support a range of analytics and policy enforcement functions. They are ideally suited for service provider network deployments supporting high-density subscriber scenarios in a cost-effective, low-energy consumption appliance footprint. All platforms support multiple high-availability options, including configuration synchronization and clustering, for carrier-class availability.

Designed for the most demanding network deployments, PacketLogic 8000 platforms offer the performance and capacity to handle from 1 to 3 million subscribers using many different fully personalized services in a policy enforcement configuration. This enables massive growth without sacrificing service creation flexibility—removing limitations for subscriber provisioning, policy interactions, policy enforcement, charging, application identification, analytics, and congestion management that have constrained network services and profitability.

Packetlogic™ 8000 Platforms

Scalable Active Network Intelligence for broadband networksDownload PL8000 Datasheet in PDF

Designed for the most demanding network deployments
Key System Benefits

Key capabilities

Sandvine’s PacketLogic software supports a full suite of Active Network Intelligence capabilities, including:

  • Content-aware services
  • Traffic prioritization
  • Statistics collection
  • Application delivery networking via advanced traffic steering
  • Congestion management
  • Application-layer shaping
  • Volume-based shaping
  • HTTP Header Enrichment

Powerful enforcement capabilities

The PacketLogic 8000 platforms are turnkey hardware solutions optimized to support Sandvine’s PacketLogic Real-time Enforcer software, delivering unparalleled Active Network Intelligence capabilities to enhance the subscriber experience.

  • REAL-TIME DYNAMIC LIVEVIEW QUERY ENGINE AND PACKETLOGIC CLIENT enables sophisticated real-time forensics to manage quality of experience (QoE), network congestion, and network security issues.
  • DRDL™ (DATASTREAM RECOGNITION DEFINITION LANGUAGE) PROCESSING to identify properties of individual session flows in real time, enabling operators to create and define services on-the-fly.
  • A FULL SUITE OF POLICY ENFORCEMENT CAPABILITIES including content-aware services, congestion management, application layer shaping and volume-based shaping, mirroring, and captive portals.
  • POLICY-BASED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES, including asymmetric traffic control, traffic shaping and filtering, traffic flow classification and prioritization, traffic monitoring and packet re-write.
  • ADVANCED PACKET QUEUING, including parallel queuing to enable more flexible traffic management policies which ensure predictable delay and jitter enabling operators to meet their customers’ QoE expectations.
  • CONTENT INTELLIGENCE enables network operators, cloud providers, and high-speed enterprises to combine the policy management capabilities of PacketLogic with industry-leading URL content categorization functionality.
  • HTTP HEADER ENRICHMENT leveraging PacketLogic’s stateful awareness and subscriber awareness.
  • ADVANCED TRAFFIC STEERING that combines PacketLogic capabilities with Application Delivery Networking functionality to provide a single Application Delivery Controller solution with unmatched performance and scalability, enabling service chaining with subscriber, service plan, charging, and Layer 7 awareness.
  • EVENT BASED TRIGGERS that automatically change policy in response to specified real-time network traffic conditions by dynamically enabling DoS/DDoS connection limits, traffic shaping or filtering.
  • BGP INTEGRATION enables Peering and CDN visibility, including QoE metrics Support for Origin-AS and Transit analysis.

Network integration

The PL8000 tightly integrates with other PacketLogic software within the operator’s core network to deliver analytics and enforcement solutions.

  • Actions are run directly on the PL8000 to perform intelligent policy enforcement, congestion management, filtering, and traffic steering. In a mobile policy environment, the PL8000 acts as a 3GPP Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF).
  • Perspectives integration to support powerful intelligent policy enforcement at different subscriber, RAN, or other Perspective levels. The PL8000 gleans subscriber information during login to dynamically create policies, traffic control, or service packages for each user on the network. Other Perspectives enable fine-grained visibility and control for individual locations, content types, devices, etc.
  • Insights to provide rich intelligence and analytics visualization for networks, subscribers, devices, and application performance. The network intelligence gathered by deployed PL8000s enables operators to make informed business decisions on network conditions, congestion management, and innovative new services.
Figure 1



  PL8840 PL8960
Connections 15,000,0001 20,000,0001
Connections/sec 220,0001 400,0001
Throughput 32 Gbps1 70 Gbps1
Subscribers 2,000,0001 3,000,0001
2 x 1000Base-T 2 x 1000Base-T
Max # of Channels 8 x 10 GE, 16 x GE 24 x GE or 12 x 10 GE
Physical Interfaces 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX
1000Base-LX, 10Gbase-SR
10Gbase-LR, 10Gbase-ER RJ-45
1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX
1000Base-LX, 10Gbase-SR
10Gbase-LR, 10Gbase-ER RJ-45
Console Port RJ-45 Console RJ-45
Redundancy Bypass, FlowSync Bypass, FlowSync
1 Gbps and 10Gbps increments 1 Gbps and 10Gbps increments
Network Intelligence Intelligence Center Intelligence Center
Subscriber Manager Subscriber Manager
Hardware 2 rack unit (RU), 19” rack-mounted 2 rack unit (RU), 19” rack-mounted
Components Appliance, fixed form factor with 4 I/O module slots Appliance, fixed form factor with 6 I/O module slots
Size 3.5” (h) x 16.9” (w) x 22” (d) 8.9 cm (h) x 43 cm (w) x 55.9cm (d) 3.5” (h) x 16.9” (w) x 22” (d) 8.8 cm (h) x43 cm (w) x 55.9 cm (d)
Weight 40lbs/18 kg 40lbs/18 kg
Power Wattage: 720W; Voltage: 100-240 VAC or 36-72 VDC, Frequency: 50-60Hz; Current: 6-2.5A Wattage: 720W; Voltage: 100-240 VAC or 36-72 VDC, Frequency: 50-60Hz; Current: 7.2-3A
Environmentals Operating temp: 0ºC to 40ºC; Storage temp: -20ºC to 75ºC; Operating humidity: 5% to 85% (non-condensing) Operating temp: 0ºC to 40ºC; Storage temp: -20ºC to 75ºC; Operating humidity: 5% to 85% (non-condensing)

1 Depending on configuration/features used

PL8000 Series




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