Product Overview

PacketLogic 1800 (PL1800) systems are high-end storage and server platforms that offer carrier-grade reliability and availability. Its flexibility ensures that it can be configured to address specific network requirements based on the role it needs to play in a deployment.

The PL1840/1860 running Sandvine PacketLogic Subscriber Manager (PSM) acts as the single point of contact for external policy management systems (PCRF and BSS/OSS) as well as the PacketLogic Real-Time Enforcement (PRE) platform component. With support for millions of subscribers per platform, the Sandvine PSM enables large-scale subscriber deployments. Multiple Sandvine PSM instances can be deployed together for scaling to hundreds of millions of users to support the largest networks in the world.

The new PL1880 platform is the storage node – Insights Data Storage – for large scale deployments. It acts as an intermediary node between the PSM and the PRE, which completes the deployment. The PL1880 can connect to multiple PRE instances from a single platform.