Web Content Intelligence

Comply with Filtering Regulations and Deliver Value-Added Filtering Services

Sandvine Web Content Intelligence allows communications service providers (CSPs) to implement network-based filtering of web browsing content, with filtering based on URL and/or topic-based category, for the following key benefits:

Rapid Regulatory Compliance

Quickly and cost-effectively comply with filtering regulations; because the filtering is performed in the network (rather than on a client device), it cannot be bypassed

Increased Revenue and Differentiation

Offer web filtering to consumers and businesses as a value-added service or include it as a free service differentiator

Deeper Insight

The web categorization database can also be used in subscriber segmentation and profile initiatives

Give Your Residential and Business Subscribers Peace-Of-Mind

Sandvine Web Content Intelligence integrates with the largest set of threat insights from reputable third-party sources, and allows CSPs to rapidly comply with filtering regulations and to offer network-based filtering services to residential and business subscribers based on:

  • Whitelists and blacklists of individual URLs
  • More than 100 web browsing categories (e.g., Alcohol, Gambling, Hate, Adult Content, Self-Harm, Weapons, etc.)

Key Features of Web Content Intelligence

Because the filtering is performed in the network, without any dependency on client device, software, or operating system, it cannot be bypassed.

An extensively researched contextual database of over 63 million categorized URLs, and 13 billion web requests processed daily, with the most sensitive categories manually curated for maximum accuracy. Other notable features include:

  • Automatic updates: Threat insight lists are automatically updated four times a day, so your network is always up-to-date without any manual intervention.
  • Multiple category contexts: Filtering can be configured based on more than 100 categories
    • 46 parental control categories
    • 40 enterprise categories
    • 12 wireless categories
    • 6 Malware categories
    • 1 Phishing category

In addition to the URL lists provided by Symantec, CSPs can define their own lists of up to 150 million URLs.

The Sandvine platform scales to support the world’s largest networks, so your network-based filtering works no matter your bandwidth volume.

Deliver your web filtering services the way that works best for you:

  • A global policy applied to all network users
  • Pre-configured policies offered to consumers and/or businesses on an opt-in basis

Filtering events are logged and can be used for audit purposes or examined for business and operational intelligence. Historic reports are available within Sandvine’s Network Demographics reporting interface, and Sandvine’s Control Center provides real-time visibility into ongoing filtering activities for operational analysis.

UPDATED : 2016-10-26 07:04:50