Routing Efficiency Dashboard

Route your network on the path of cost savings

Routing Efficiency DashboardControl network costs and build business cases for capital projects using the Routing Efficiency Dashboard to create more efficient interconnect relationships. This dashboard will help you improve overall network quality and reduce transit costs through detailed analytics.


With the Routing Efficiency Dashboard, you can:

  • Manage routing paths
  • Identify high quality Autonomous Systems (AS)
  • Gain a complete understanding of network routing behaviors with powerful trend charts and pie charts built from analytics based on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Manage, Measure, and Improve Interconnect Quality and Network Costs

Routing Efficiency Dashboard ScreenshotThe Routing Efficiency Dashboard will allow you to manage and reduce overall network costs:

  • Identify inefficient and costly routing paths
  • Deploy network policies to optimize routing paths over lower-cost peers or transit links

In addition to managing network costs, you will increase your subscribers' quality of experience with this dashboard’s capability to have the tools to measure and improve interconnect quality:

  • Isolate low-quality interconnect relationships
  • Deploy network policies to distribute routing traffic over higher-quality peers or transit links

Peer into Transit Relationships

Many operators provision their network based on either peak period traffic volume or a measure of per-subscriber bandwidth at peak times. In order to meet network demands and deliver content to subscribers efficiently and at the lowest cost, operators create transit links and interconnect relationships with other communications service providers.

These relationships carry operational costs for providers defined by Peak Rate upstream and downstream as well as total traffic sent across international and domestic routing links.

Using the focused analysis of the Routing Efficiency Dashboard you will gain a complete understanding of the forces driving routing utilization including:

  • Autonomous System (AS) Name & Number
  • Peak Rate Upstream (Mbps)
  • Peak Rate Downstream (Mbps)
  • Video QoE
  • 2nd Hop AS drill-down
  • Origin AS drill-down

View metrics in aggregate, or drill-down to a specific hop level (1st hop, 2nd hop, origin) to view information on the network’s interconnect and transit relationships.

Get Data Out of the Network and Into the Boardroom

Network Analytics is meant to simplify your life, and that includes the ability to easily communicate the insights that you uncover:

  • With one click, save every image, table, graph and screen as a .PNG or .CSV file
  • E-mail direct links to dashboard screens
  • Create custom reports tailored to your reporting needs
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