Peak Period Analysis Dashboard

Powerful Peak Forecasting with Extreme Granularity

Peak Period Analysis DashboardThe focused analysis of the Peak Period Analysis Dashboard reveals the traffic profiles and subscriber behavior driving peak period demand throughout the network, with location-specific granularity and service plan-based differentiation.

Peak Period Analysis Dashboard ScreenshotThe Peak Period Analysis Dashboard features interactive graphics (including trend charts, data tables, and subscriber usage histograms) that allow communications service providers (CSPs) to explore details of peak period traffic and trends by application, location, and subscriber plan.

A True Understanding of Peak

Peak period is defined as the entire period during which the utilized bandwidth on a link in the network is higher than a specified percentage (frequently the 95th percentile). To engineer for peak network demand, network operators must truly understand the factors contributing to this demand:

  • Which service plans contribute the most to peak period, and who is impacted the most by a congested network?
  • What applications are driving peak today, and what applications will drive peak tomorrow?
  • What are the differences throughout the network?
  • How is peak period changing over time?

The Peak Period Analysis Dashboard answers these questions and more, empowering CSPs to make optimized capacity planning and network management decisions.

Complete Insight into Peak Factors

The Peak Period Analysis Dashboard provides you with powerful metrics to deliver a complete and detailed understanding of the factors driving peak demand on your network:

  • Breadth & Depth: gain network-wide visibility and PoP resolution with metrics based on location, application, and subscriber plans. Get detailed analysis on start, end, and duration of peak period on your network.
  • Extreme Granularity: understand the applications and subscriber plans contributing to your peak with the ability to view an overall network analysis or location based drill-down.
  • Powerful Peak Processing: obtain peak subscriber growth rate for your network and predict the growth of upstream and downstream, applications, locations, and subscriber plans.

Key Metrics at your Finger Tips

The Peak Period Analysis Dashboard provides operators with interactive, tabular visibility into key Location and Subscriber Plan metrics, including:

  • Downstream vs. Upstream Traffic
  • Peak Subscribers
  • Total Subscribers
  • Peak Subscribers Percent
  • Peak Kbps per Subscriber
  • Growth Rate
  • Projected Kbps per Subscriber

The Peak Period Dashboard’s application tab reveals the most popular applications on the network during peak times by:

  • Application type
  • Top 10 or 25 applications in total and within each application category
  • Downstream vs. Upstream comparison

Operators are able to view metrics in aggregate, use a search utility or network tree to zone in on particular sections of the network (Network, Region, Market, PoP) revealing start time, end time, and duration of peak period. Peak period information is easily accessible and summarized in powerful, interactive graphs, including:

  • Distribution histograms
  • Trend charts
  • Subscriber usage histograms

Get Data Out of the Network and Into the Boardroom

Network Analytics is meant to simplify your life, and that includes the ability to easily communicate the insights that you uncover:

  • With one click, save every image, table, graph, and screen as a .PNG or .CSV file
  • E-mail direct links to dashboard screens
  • Create custom reports tailored to your reporting needs

With Network Analytics you’ll avoid all the headaches and expensive hassles of manual collection and aggregation. Your business analysts will be able to easily access information and data from various sources to gain a complete context for business decisions. This insight will allow you to prepare your network for and respond to rapid market evolution, so you can predict tomorrow and act today.

UPDATED : 2016-11-29 11:14:42