Network Summary Dashboard

Network-Wide Visibility, Trend Visualization, Comprehensive KPIs

Network Summary DashboardUse the Network Summary Dashboard to monitor overall network developments, track your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs), and initiate action. The Network Summary Dashboard offers screens for a wide variety of functional roles ranging from Marketing to Engineering and different levels of the organization; whether the user is an operations analyst who wants to find performance outliers or an executive interested only in aggregate KPIs, the Network Summary dashboard is a one-stop destination for anyone who needs to stay on top of network deployments.

Network Summary Dashboard Screenshot

Dive into Granular, Network-Wide Visibility

Gain complete context with the Network Summary dashboard with measurements from your own network to prepare and respond to evolving market trends to best tailor your services to your subscribers and improve your overall quality of experience.

With the Network Summary Dashboard, you’ll tap into:

  • Network-wide visibility: dive into detailed information on your network, including geographical segmentation, service plans, access types, handsets, applications, and websites
  • Trend virtualization: create network scorecards, spot changes in top websites applications and video providers, and monitor geographical trends
  • Comprehensive KPI’s: one-stop destination for all cross-functional teams, enabling consistency of internal reporting

Key Metrics at Your Fingertips

The Network Summary Dashboard provides operations with network-wide visibility into key metrics, including:

  • Active and Total Subscribers
  • Peak Kbps Up and Down per active subscriber
  • Daily and Monthly Median MB
  • Upstream and Downstream Usage
  • Prime Time Ratio
  • Cumulative Consumption distributions
  • Top 25 lists (Top URLs, Video Providers, and Applications)

Data is segmented for examination by factors to provide you granular details about your subscribers, including:

• Application and Application Type
• Hierarchical geographical segmentation
• Service Plan
• Access Type
• Handset

Summarize data into powerful information for your network, easily accessible through a variety of display widgets that can be leveraged by key decision makers across your organization:

• Scorecards
• Trend Projection graphs
• Historical Overlay graphs
• 24-Hour Average Day views
• Histograms
• Animated Bubble Charts

Get Data Out of the Network and Into the Boardroom

Network Analytics is meant to simplify your life, including the ability to easily communicate the insights that you uncover:

• With one click, save every image, table, graph, and screen as a .PNG or .CSV file
• E-mail direct links to dashboard screens
• Create custom reports tailored to your reporting needs

With Network Analytics you’ll avoid all the headaches and expensive hassles of manual collection and aggregation. Your business analysts will be able to easily access information and data from various sources to gain a complete context for business decisions. This insight will allow you to prepare your network for and respond to rapid market evolution, so you can predict tomorrow and act today.

UPDATED : 2016-11-29 11:14:03