IPv6 Transition Dashboard

Uncover Applications & Devices Powering IPv6 Adoption on your Network

IPv6 Transition DashboardWith the IPv6 Transition Dashboard, communication service providers (CSPs) can monitor the growth of IP addressing technologies on the network, and increase the accuracy of infrastructure planning activities with incredible breadth and depth of insight into the application types, applications, and devices that are powering IPv6 adoption on the network.

IPv6 Transition Dashboard ScreenshotThe IPv6 Transition Dashboard provides extreme granularity of insight, powerful out-of-the-box measurements, and forecasting capabilities to analyze IPv6 adoption trends by device, application, and application type.

Preparing For the “Internet of Things”

In order to identify, locate and communicate with other devices on the Internet, every Internet-connected device is assigned a unique IP address. IP addressing architecture on broadband networks around the world has largely been built on IPv4 technology, which ‘only’ allows for a maximum of approximately 4.3 billion IP addresses.

With an increasing number of devices coming online and connecting to the Internet (Tablets, Smartphones, and Machine-to-Machine devices), IPv4 is simply unable to accommodate the addressing requirements of devices on today’s global broadband networks.

Using the focused analysis of the IPv6 Transition Dashboard, you will gain a complete understanding of the forces driving IP addressing requirements on your network, to make more accurate network planning decisions.

Key Metrics at Your Fingertips

With the IPv6 Transition Dashboard you will be able to monitor the growth of IPv6 on your network and understand the devices and applications that are powering the adoption.

This dashboard provides you with extreme granularity, breadth and depth of insight, and powerful forecasting with detailed metrics, including:

  • Active Subscribers (%)
  • Total Bytes (%)
  • Average Active Subscribers
  • Average Total GBs

Metrics are easily accessible and summarized in interactive, powerful graphs that help tell the story on your network, including: 

  • Bubble Charts
  • Trend Charts

The IPv6 Transition Dashboard allows for more focused analysis with the ability to view metrics in aggregate or segment the data for detailed examination of specific factors, including:

• Network Topology (Region, Market, and PoP-level)
• Application Type
• IP Technology

Get Data Out of the Network and Into the Boardroom

Network Analytics is meant to simplify your life, and that includes the ability to easily communicate the insights that you uncover:

  • With one click, save every image, table, graph, and screen as a .PNG or .CSV file
  • E-mail direct links to dashboard screens
  • Create custom reports tailored to your reporting needs

Distinct from simple reporting platforms, Network Analytics delivers advanced capabilities including statistical analysis, trend projection, and parameter-based predictive modeling, and presents all the data in a vibrant, intuitive dashboard format for maximum context. The result is actionable data and measureable business impact.

UPDATED : 2016-11-29 11:16:12