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Turn Mobile Insights into Action

Device Insights DashboardWith more than 3.2 billion mobile subscribers around the globe, almost half of the world’s population uses mobile communications. The number of people using multiple devices or SIM cards is also expected to increase rapidly from the almost 7 billion SIM-enabled connections recorded in 2013. One main catalyst for this growth is emerging markets, where each day someone connects to the Internet for the first time, and most often their first experience of the Internet is happening on a mobile device. To prepare networks for future data demands, the growth of mobile subscribers, and to ensure that revenue is aligned to this growth, operators need dynamic insight into the devices and applications that are driving demand on the network to protect subscriber quality of experience (QoE) and develop services that subscribers will value in the future.

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Understanding Your Mobile Subscribers

Included with Sandvine’s Network Analytics deployments, the Device Insights Dashboard enables CSPs to gain critical insight into how devices are being used across the network to increase subscriber segmentation accuracy and drive service innovation.

The Device Insights Dashboard provides instant device categorization using IMEI-based information as registered with the GSM Association (GSMA). Operators can quickly compare and contrast trends between devices within a selected category, or compare performance metrics between specific categories (e.g., High-end and even Low-end devices). Drop-down menus offer the flexibility of more focused analysis, enabling users to isolate results by Manufacturer, Operating System, and even Radio Capability.

Key Metrics at Your Fingertips

The Device Insights Dashboard provides marketing, engineering, and operations teams with interactive, actionable insight into Manufacturer and Device-related trends, including:

  • Active Subscribers
  • Total Subscribers
  • % of Daily Traffic
  • % of Subscribers
  • Median MB
  • Applications

Analysis can be further refined by filtering:

  • Manufacturer
  • Top Application
  • Radio  Capability
  • Top/Bottom 10, 20, or 30
  • Downstream  vs. Upstream
  • Application Type
  • Operating System

Get Data Out of the Network and Into the Boardroom

Network Analytics is meant to simplify your life, including the ability to easily communicate the insights that you uncover:

• With one click, save every image, table, graph, and screen as a .PNG or .CSV file 
• E-mail direct links to dashboard screens
• Create custom reports tailored to your reporting needs

With Network Analytics you’ll avoid all the headaches and expensive hassles of manual collection and aggregation. Your business analysts will be able to easily access information and data from various sources to gain a complete context for business decisions. This insight will allow you to prepare your network for and respond to rapid market evolution, so you can predict tomorrow and act today.

Policy Control for Connected and Tethered Devices

This paper details how Sandvine’s traffic classification technology provides CSPs with the insight to understand the rich assortment of devices on their network and to empower CSPs with the policy control capabilities to profitably manage the Internet of Things.

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