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Sandvine's Insights Product Family visualizes the Active Network Intelligence use cases deployed in your network, enabling you to solve problems and spot opportunities to attract more subscribers, generate revenue, improve quality of experience (QoE), and reduce CAPEX. Insights combines the power of Insights Data Storage with the visualization of the Active Network Intelligence Portal (ANI Portal) to enable operators to manage outcome-driven use cases for networks.


As network operators transform their networks to cloud deployments and embrace automation, access to network intelligence that reveals network performance in context of delivered QoE will be critical, especially to verify that automation use case are delivering the right outcomes. This intelligence is fed by Sandvine's deployed software, and enriched with attributes like subscriber, location, device, and service plan to ensure that the appropriate context is reflected in the presentation of the data for the different departments in the operators' back office.


Sandvine's Insights products enable you to  transform your business with Active Network Intelligence to manage outcome-driven use cases for networks.



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It is imperative for network operators to know the QoE of the services their network is delivering to their subscribers.


Sandvine’s unique ScoreCard technology provides the means for network operators to directly measure key performance indicators and place the QoE being delivered to subscribers in context. ScoreCard publishes each subscriber’s throughput, latency, and packet loss at sub-second intervals to gauge the actual delivery of a high quality experience.


Powering the Sandvine quality-related use cases, ScoreCard helps operators to see their network’s QoE delivery capabilities from the vantage point of the subscriber, driving actionable data to fix issues or make sound investment decisions to improve subscriber experience.


Deep Insights


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Deep Insights is the next generation of Sandvine's business analytics, leveraging Sandvine’s network intelligence to deliver visibility into Sandvine’s industry leading use cases for operators. It pulls together the right set of contextually significant, actionable data to achieve defined analytical goals, enabling business intelligence like never before. Deep Insights powers the ANI Portal with use case specific visualization and data exploration optimized for each use case. Operators can transform how they interact with data by having the right granularity, organized around defined use cases, leveraging Sandvine's industry leading application signatures, and visualized through out-of-the-box dashboards.

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