Sandvine's Insights Product Family aggregates the intelligence collected from your entire network and visualizes it based on the use case deployed on your network. Insights supports all solution areas deployed in your network, enabling you to reduce CAPEX, generate additional revenue, and improve quality of experience (QoE). The Insights portfolio combines the power of Insights Data Storage with the visualization of Deep Insights to enable operators to manage outcome-driven use cases for networks.

As network operators transform their networks to cloud deployments and embrace automation, access to network intelligence that reveals network performance in context of delivered QoE will be critical, especially to verify that automation use cases are delivering the right outcomes. This intelligence is fed by Sandvine's deployed software, and enriched with attributes like subscriber, location, device, and service plan to ensure that the appropriate context is reflected in the presentation of the data for the different departments in the operators' back office.


Insights Product Family