eVolution is the industry’s first purpose-built virtual experience probe based on Active Network Intelligence technology for multi-access broadband operators.

eVolution is an all virtual data enablement solution that empowers fixed, cable, mobile, and WiFi operators to run their networks more efficiently and profitably. eVolution delivers a unique approach to providing structured data that can be used in real-time to enhance the subscriber experience for broadband subscribers.


  • Powerful data solution - allowing you to drill down to per subscriber level, in real time to enable your big data systems
  • Using the industry’s best data foundation of network data traffic through frequent signature updates and machine learning approaches to dealing with encrypted traffic.
  • Most complete and enriched view of the subscriber experience with unique QoE and KPIs
  • High performance virtualization on Intel-based COTS hardware
  • Multi-Access and Multi-Vendor support to simplify integrated network deployments
  • Designed for NFV & Orchestration as standards mature

Sandvine’s unique combination of business and subscriber experience metrics enables advanced Big Data use cases:



Make your critical investment and planning decisions using the industry’s best data foundation that captures the network intelligence that you need. Without network visibility, network operators do not have the inputs they need to determine the optimal network investments or to launch attractive service offering. At Sandvine we target an aspirational goal of 0% unidentified traffic by providing frequent signature updates and leveraging machine learning approaches to dealing with encrypted traffic. Over half of Sandvine’s signatures cover encrypted applications, a key requirement from network operators as encryption becomes pervasive on networks, which limits the effectiveness of current data probes and router/switch-based data feeds.


The eVolution platform can be deployed anywhere in the access, aggregation, core, or peering point to gather the data desired. Multiple tunnel encapsulation technologies are supported across mobile, cable, DSL, WiFi including GTP, MPLS, MobileIP, MPLS, VLAN, IPinIP, L2TP, Teredo, and EoMPLS to gather data where it makes sense for the operator.

eVolution Diagram.png
Figure 1

Big Data integration options with eVolution.


eVolution is powered by Sandvine’s industry-proven application identification technology engineered to run as an individual Virtual Network Function Components (VNFC) as part of an ESTI-defined Virtual Network Function (VNF) environment. eVolution runs on Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware leveraging Intel processors, and can run on VMware or KVM hypervisors. The eVolution VNF will support NFV orchestration standards as they mature, and includes a VNF License Manager that support creating new instances of eVolution than can be deployed when and where the operator needs data collection.


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