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Building towards 5G deployments in the orchestrated and automated networks of the future

San Jose, Calif., February 21, 2019 — Sandvine, the leading provider of Network Intelligence solutions, announced that it now has over 200 virtual and cloud deployments worldwide. The deployments range from single site deployments to multi-TBps virtual clusters to distributed cloud deployments. The deployments span all Sandvine solution areas – Analytics, Network Optimization, Revenue Generation, Revenue Assurance, and Regulatory Compliance – and are deployed across all customer verticals and worldwide.

“Sandvine’s goal is to ensure that we enable our customers to transform their network to software based on their business plan and leverage best in class network intelligence use cases,” said Lyn Cantor, President and CEO of Sandvine. “The transition to a cloud environment is a technical, organizational, and process change activity for our customers, and Sandvine is ensuring that we are ahead of the customer adoption curve to support them, especially as 5G networks begin to roll out worldwide.”

Network operators are working feverishly to meet the challenge of moving their existing complex multi-vendor services from proprietary hardware deployments to a more dynamic virtual and cloud infrastructure. The pressure is on to drive down total cost of ownership (TCO), increase service velocity, and maximize flexibility in their networks to stay competitive and profitable. The pending introduction of 5G is also driving mobile operators to aggressively move their core to the cloud to prepare for the architecture transition; however, wishing it were so, does not simply make it so. Migrating services to the cloud offers lower cost and higher flexibility features, but introduces many challenges with existing software solutions as it requires an entirely new deployment paradigm. There are performance, scalability, reliability, increased complexity, and especially architectural framework immaturity challenges that are faced daily by the trailblazers moving to cloud deployments today.

Early testing of virtual and cloud solutions from incumbent vendors in the network intelligence and optimization solution areas has raised concerns from network operators that these solutions will not deliver on the promise of performance and scalability required to enable CAPEX and OPEX savings. These solutions are also not delivering the functionality and data required to enable or deliver on multiple use cases without a huge impact on the performance and stability of their software offerings.

Sandvine’s support for virtual and cloud environments goes beyond simply supporting instantiation on VMware, OpenStack, or KVM. As detailed in the “Seeding the Cloud” whitepaper, Sandvine has completed extensive use case testing for a number of use cases that demonstrate the ability to completely instantiate an end-to-end use case deployment with cloud orchestration. For each use case, Sandvine has developed complete configuration templates that are part of Sandvine’s extensive use case documentation, that accelerate the deployment of virtual and cloud deployments. Sandvine also continues to lead in key performance and scalability areas, with further improvements even from previous performance and scalability tests that are publicly available.

Sandvine will be delivering a webinar on this topic on Wednesday, April 24th, at 10am EDT. Register for the webinar here. As network operators are fighting to change their economic model, Sandvine enables them to deliver high quality services to their customers while generating revenue and minimizing CAPEX and OPEX through our Active Network Intelligence solutions. For more information on Sandvine’s network operator use cases, please see


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