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By Emmanuel
February 11, 2016

Procera Networks launches virtualized OEM solution framework

Fremont, Calif., February11, 2016Procera Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKT), the global Subscriber Experience Company, today announced it has become a full service end-to-end DPI provider. In addition to its existing ‘low memory footprint’ embedded DPI engine for OEMs, Procera has now introduced a virtualized OEM solution framework that makes it possible for equipment manufacturers to implement the benefits of Procera’s ‘active traffic’ DPI technology as softwarevia a Virtual Network Function.

Procera’s OEM solution framework now extends from embedded offerings, with the Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL), all the way to fully featured DPI-based Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) with eVolution and PacketLogic/V. The move offers equipment manufacturers and System Integrators greater choice and control over how they implement Procera’s technology and solutions, particularly for those who are rapidly introducing virtualizednetwork environments as part of their product portfolio.

Depending on the needs of the OEM manufacturer, embedded DPI (NAVL), virtual analytics (eVolution), or a full DPI VNF (PacketLogic/V) may be needed to deliver a solution, or a combination of all three. By launching its virtualized solution framework, Procera can now meet the individual requirementsof any OEM with an end-to-end DPI platformthat offers a highly flexible range of services from low memory to carrier grade, as well as a full suite of subscriber correlation, active traffic management, policy enforcement, and content categorization services, each with an integrated big data analytics feed.

“Procera is now a full service DPI OEMand System Integrator tool kit supplier with the flexibility to provide embedded or VNF solutions,” said Lyn Cantor, President and CEOat Procera Networks. “Our technology differentiation is our industry-leading application recognition algorithms and packet processing through our DRDL and NAVL DPI engines. We are excited to deliver them as critical building blocks to an eco-system of OEM and System Integrators to help accelerate the broader market’s pivot to NFV and SDN deployed solutions.”

“Our OEM customers are asking for access to the full range of Procera technology as they build their NFV ecosystems to go beyond application identification to full analytics, traffic management, and policy enforcement functionality,” said Michael Kay, VP & General Manager of OEM & Channels at Procera Networks. “eVolution and PacketLogic/V VNFs deliver strategic use cases that OEMs can offer to broadband operators looking to transform their businesses with NFV.”

NAVL is a high performance, low memory footprint DPI engine that can be embedded within a wide range of enterprise and telco products that adds application awareness to enhance the value of products. Platform developers who integrate the NAVL engine have the ability to see all of the traffic on their networks and to choose how each traffic type will be managed on the network. They can then apply the control technologies of their choice to regulate both the performance of the network as a whole and the individual applications on it, ensuring high quality experiences for users of sanctioned applications and helping ensure that recreational and other traffic has minimal negative impact on business and learning performance.

eVolution is the world’s first fully scalable real-time big data source for network intelligence based on native DPI technology. eVolution delivers the best subscriber-centric real-time intelligence optimized for virtualized environments. It is integrated with Big Data systems through a collection of flexible APIs and delivers the highest value per subscriber dollar spent. In NFV deployments, eVolution instances will be able to be created, sized, and deployed in real time, and relocated as needed through the network by the operator using ETSI NFV specifications, delivering a high degree of mobility and cost-effectiveness not possible with hardware-based probes.

PacketLogic/V delivers full standalone DPI solution capability in software with hardware-equivalent performance. PacketLogic/V enables full analytics, traffic management, and policy enforcement capabilities that can be deployed anywhere in the network on COTS hardware. Service Providers can measure the effectiveness of their broadband network and manage their resources to ensure a high quality of experience for all of their subscribers with the PacketLogic solution offerings.

About Procera Networks, Inc.
Procera Networks, Inc., the global Subscriber Experience company, is revolutionizing the way operators and vendors monitor, manage and monetize their network traffic. Elevate your business value and improve customer experience with Procera’s sophisticated intelligence solutions. For more information, visit or follow Procera on twitter at @ProceraNetworks.

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