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Dan Deeth
By Dan Deeth
July 14, 2016

First integration of Sandvine’s new TCP Accelerator with other Sandvine products

Waterloo, ON; July 14, 2016 – Sandvine, (TSX:SVC) a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators, today announced that VivaCell- MTS in Armenia is using Sandvine to deliver innovative and high quality services on their LTE and 3G networks.

VivaCell-MTS is Armenia’s leading telecommunications operator and has been using Sandvine’s business intelligence, subscriber services, and traffic optimizations solutions since 2009 to help them achieve their commitment of providing innovative and quality services to all subscribers in Armenia.

One innovative subscriber service enabled by Sandvine involves the zero-rating of Skype on select service plans for users of USB dongles. On these service plans, Skype usage does not count against a subscribers’ monthly usage quota, ensuring they can always be in touch with their friends and family. Subscribers on other service plans can also purchase the unlimited Skype feature as a bolt-on for a monthly fee.

VivaCell-MTS has also leveraged Sandvine to help prevent their post-paid subscribers from experiencing bill shock. This is accomplished on select service plans by zero-rating all traffic between 2:00am and 8:00am, when there is typically idle network capacity. This zero-rating allows subscribers to freely use non-interactive bandwidth intensive applications, such as backup or filesharing, without having to worry about that traffic causing them to exceed their monthly usage quota.

In addition to launching innovative subscriber services, VivaCell-MTS is also using Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator to improve the overall network experience for their subscribers on all service plans. When first installed on the 3G network, Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator decreased the delivery time of TCP transfers greater than 5MB, which is representative of many modern web pages by up to 51%, while also providing VivaCell-MTS with an additional 12% of radio upstream capacity and 5% of Internet downstream capacity thanks to reduced TCP retransmissions.

“Sandvine has an end-to-end network policy solution that helps us quickly recognize opportunities for new subscriber services, rapidly deploy them, and then improve the quality of experience for all subscribers,” said Thomas Mazejian, Information Systems Manager,VivaCell-MTS.


Sandvine’s network policy control solutions add intelligence to fixed, mobile and converged communications service provider networks to enable services that can increase revenue and reduce network costs. Powered by Sandvine’s Policy Engine and SandScript policy language, Sandvine’s networking equipment performs end-to-end policy control functions including traffic classification, and policy decision and enforcement across the data, control and business planes. Sandvine’s products provide actionable business insight, the ability to deploy new subscriber services and tools to optimize traffic while enhancing subscriber Internet quality of experience.

Sandvine’s network policy control solutions are deployed in more than 300 networks in over 100 countries, serving hundreds of millions of data subscribers worldwide,

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