Sandvine's Integration With RADCOM Offers Real-Time Mobility Awareness To Manage Mobile Traffic Accurately

Waterloo, Canada; September 17, 2013 –Sandvine, (TSX:SVC) a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions today announced it has partnered with RADCOM (NASDAQ: RDCM), a leading Service Assurance and Customer Experience Management provider, to deliver the only network policy control products with true mobility awareness. Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management product,  integrated with RADCOM’s QiSolve solution, offers a dynamic control system that utilizes real-time subscriber location indicators to precisely maximize network utilization and quality of experience. Sandvine’s empirical data demonstrates that traffic management products without real-time location awareness may “lose” up to 20 percent of users in an hour, and mismanage traffic as a result.

Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management product recently measured, using RADCOM’s QiSolve solution, the movement of over 20,000 mobile data subscribers in a major North American city to understand and predict sector-based congestion. Over the course of the hour, roughly 20 percent of users were still engaged in the same data session but had moved to a second cell sector. No two sectors have an identical congestion profile at a moment in time.

“Real-time mobility awareness is critical when operators are applying policy to manage congestion. A subscriber may connect to the network in a congested sector, but soon move to an uncongested one. Without sector awareness, the traffic management policy will be applied to many of the wrong users and not applied to those who need it,” said Don Bowman, CTO, Sandvine.

“We see a rising need for precise real-time subscriber monitoring to improve customer experience”, said Eyal Harari, RADCOM’s Vice President Products and Marketing “This joint offering, which integrates RADCOM’s QiSolve Self-Optimizing Network solution with Sandvine’s product, is an innovative example of leveraging our technology to build an automated optimization solution.”
Competing traffic management products identify the initial location of subscribers’ connections but may “lose” 20% of the users, thereby misapplying policy due to erroneous location information. Coupled with location-awareness, Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management product is congestion-aware so policies are applied when a link is approaching full capacity. Other products assume a standard static capacity per link, which can easily be wrong, and start managing traffic whether congestion is actually present or not.

For more information on future-proofing mobile networks, join Sandvine and Light Reading for a webinar exploring virtualized Software-Defined Network models on September 18, 2013.


RADCOM provides innovative service assurance and customer experience management solutions for leading telecom operators and communications service providers. RADCOM specializes in solutions for next-generation mobile and fixed networks, including LTE, VoLTE, IMS, VoIP, UMTS/GSM and mobile broadband. RADCOM's comprehensive, carrier-grade solutions are designed for big data analytics on terabit networks, and are used to prevent service provider revenue leakage and to enhance customer care management. RADCOM's products interact with policy management to provide self-optimizing network solutions. RADCOM's shares are listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol RDCM. . For more information, please visit www.RADCOM.com or contact Eyal Harari, VP Products and Marketing, eyalh@radcom.com.


Sandvine’s network policy control solutions add intelligence to fixed, mobile and converged communications service provider networks to enable services that can increase revenue and reduce network costs. Powered by Sandvine’s Policy Engine and SandScript policy language, Sandvine’s networking equipment performs end-to-end policy control functions including traffic classification, and policy decision and enforcement across the data, control and business planes.  Sandvine’s products provide actionable business insight, the ability to deploy new subscriber services and tools to optimize traffic while enhancing subscriber Internet quality of experience.

Sandvine’s network policy control solutions are deployed in more than 250 networks in over 85 countries, serving hundreds of millions of data subscribers worldwide, www.sandvine.com

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