Block Admission Return

2 August 2012
Sandvine Corporation
('Sandvine' or the 'Company')

Sandvine Corporation ('the Company') (TSX: SVC AIM: SAND), a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions is providing this update to its block admission filed on 19 January 2012:

Name of company:

Sandvine Corporation

Name of Scheme:

Employee Option Scheme

Period of return:

From 25 January 2012 to 31 July 2012

Number and class  of securities originally admitted and the date of admission

11,579,300 common shares of no par value (“Common Shares”) admitted to AIM on 25 January 2012

Number of Common Shares not issued under scheme at the end of the last period:


Number of Common Shares issued under scheme during period:


Number of Common Shares cancelled under the scheme during period:


Balance under scheme not yet issued at end of period:


As of the date of this announcement, the Company had an issued share capital of 138,314,700 Common Shares

About Sandvine

Sandvine's network policy control solutions focus on protecting and improving the quality of experience on the Internet. Our award-winning network policy control equipment and software helps fixed and mobile operators better understand network traffic, manage network congestion, create new services and revenues, mitigate traffic that is malicious or undesirable to subscribers, deliver QoS-prioritized multimedia services and increase subscriber satisfaction. With over 200 service provider customers in over 85 countries, serving hundreds of millions of broadband and mobile data subscribers, Sandvine is enhancing the Internet experience worldwide. For more information, please visit: www.sandvine.com.


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