Sandvine CTO: Netflix Traffic Share Has Peaked

Increased competition from Hulu, Amazon Prime and MSO-branded streaming services

Boston, MA; May 23, 2012 –During a CIO panel discussion on business intelligence yesterday at The Cable Show, Sandvine’s chief technology officer, Don Bowman asserted Netflix has hit its peak and other video services are gaining traction.  As documented in Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena report, Bowman revealed that Netflix represents 33% of peak downstream traffic on US cable networks but projects a declining percentage as early as next year.

“The market for online video was realized through the success of Netflix.  Service providers and content providers like HBO GO are moving quickly to regain some of the real-time streaming share with their own services,” said Don Bowman, CTO Sandvine.  “Business intelligence is a critical element in staying ahead of the curve.  The drive for thorough analytics that gauge the application make-up of cable networks has never been more important. Service providers want an accurate network view today so they can make strategic decisions for tomorrow.”

As part of its business intelligence offerings, Sandvine’s Network Analytics product provides a series of organized dashboards including a Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard that can provide quality metrics on streaming video such as duration, display characteristics and transport quality.

“One of the most pressing issues for CSPs is how to manage over-the-top (OTT) video, and business intelligence helps address that need,” said Jeff Cotrupe, Global Program Director, ACEM and OSSCS, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. “Stratecast cannot recommend more strongly that the time is now for business intelligence and Sandvine offers viable answers to the question of how.”

To learn more about Sandvine and its products, visit the CableNET booth at The Cable Show and to catch more of the CIO debate and Don Bowman visit Keeping Tabs: Measurement and Benchmarking IPv6  panel produced with Comcast Cable and Time Warner Cable.


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