Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB)

The Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB) is Sandvine’s highly scalable subscriber profile repository and data warehouse, and hosts the Network Demographics reporting interface

The Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB) is a key component of Sandvine’s platform, providing critical functions that enable both network policy control and business intelligence. The SPB enables the real-time application of business logic and policy enforcement that powers subscriber-centric network policy control use cases. The SPB also serves as the data warehouse for the entire Sandvine deployment, housing the granular data leveraged by both the Network Demographics and Network Analytics business intelligence products.

The SPB Virtual Series is a Linux-based software that can be installed on any x86-based hardware and is optimized for the demands of transactional data processing and low maintenance.

A Subscriber Profile Repository for the Sandvine Deployment

The SPB stores all subscriber entitlements and session information for use by the Sandvine Policy Engine, which is embedded in Sandvine’s PCEF (i.e., the Policy Traffic Switch, or PTS) and PCRF (i.e., the Service Delivery Engine, or SDE). 

Much of this subscriber information is received from, and available to, other B/OSS systems, while much is also provided by the SDE and PTS as they each perform real-time policy control functions (e.g., subscriber mapping, usage monitoring, etc.)

An Aggregate Data Warehouse

The SPB is a single point of collection of data from all Sandvine elements, and provides an aggregate view of data from both the control plane (i.e., from the SDE) and the data plane (i.e., from the PTS).

The SPB provides granular long-term storage of subscriber and network statistics, and provides a web services API (e.g., REST, SOAP) for integration to third-party business and reporting systems. These same interfaces are used by Sandvine’s own business intelligence products: Network Demographics, a reporting interface that is hosted on the SPB and queries data directly; and Network Analytics, whose ETL process extracts data from
the SPB.

Enabling Value Added Applications

With the right solutions in place, CSPs can extract insightful business intelligence from the network to understand their customers’ needs in detail. 

The SPB enables CSPs to access this information by using powerful tools like Sandvine’s Network Analytics and Network Demographics. The SPB provides the data that these applications rely on and, in the case of Network Demographics, the SPB actually hosts the application.

UPDATED : 2016-06-22 15:04:09