PTS Virtual Series

PCEF/TDF Functionality as an Elastically-Scalable Virtual Network Function

The Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) is a key component of Sandvine’s network policy control platform, enabling the real-time application of business logic and policy enforcement on data traffic. The PTS Virtual Series delivers the functionality and features as the physical PTS, but does so in a virtual package that fits your network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) strategies.

Flexible, Agile, and Elastically Scalable Policy Control

To lower their overall operational expenses while satisfying their subscribers’ demand for a high quality Internet experience, communications service providers (CSPs) need solutions that combine the operational efficiency of a virtualized deployment on COTS components with the functional expertise of proprietary best-of-breed solutions.

Sandvine’s PTS Virtual Series allows CSPs to build dynamically scalable networks that are flexible, agile, programmable,and adaptable to the network’s performance demands.

Deployed as a VNF, the PTS Virtual Series fits right into your NFV architecture; compatibility with NFV and SDN technologies allows your policy control scale to grow when demand is high, and shrink when the demand is low.

An added benefit of this efficient scaling is that the PTS Virtual Series is perfectly suited for economic small-scale or remote locations.

Complete Compatibility with Existing Sandvine Deployments

The PTS Virtual Series is completely compatible with your current Sandvine deployment, so expansion and extension projects are easy to plan.

Plus, CSPs benefit from a consistent installation and operational experience, because the PTS Virtual Series communicates with other Sandvine elements using the same ports and protocols as the physical PTS.


Deploying the Sandvine Virtual Series

Deploying the Sandvine Virtual Series
UPDATED : 2016-05-27 12:38:45