Sandvine's PCRF

Satisfy More Policy Control Use Cases Faster

The Sandvine Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)—the Service Delivery Engine (SDE)—lets your entire network leverage the intelligence and power of the Sandvine Policy Engine so you can satisfy more policy control use cases, faster, on your existing policy enforcement infrastructure.

Sandvine is the undisputed leader in best-of-breed network policy control: the Sandvine Policy Engine is empowering hundreds of communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide to implement fair-use policies, congestion management solutions, quota-based plans, and wildly innovative prepaid and postpaid subscriber services.

The Sandvine PCRF - the Service Delivery Engine (SDE) - lets you implement many of these same use cases with your existing third-party Policy and Charging Enforcement Functions (PCEFs), including gateways (e.g., GGSN, P-GW, etc.) and even other DPI devices. The only requirement is that the enforcement device accepts 3GPP Diameter Gx. Choosing the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) as your PCEF/TDF lets you leverage the industry’s best traffic classification and proven subscriber service creation.

A long, proven history of interoperability tests (IOTs) and support for industry standards ensures predictable functionality and deployment timelines, so you can get your new solutions up and running at the speed of the market.

The market moves fast, and subscribers move faster…we help you to keep up

Tomorrow’s hot app or new service request can show up without warning, and you need to be able to move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities and respond to competitive threats. By productizing policy control and making service definition accessible, we let you act when you want to: right now. With the Service Delivery Engine (SDE), you won’t be waiting for months or years for a professional services engagement, and you won’t have to pay armies of contractors to produce throw-away code.

Maybe you want to launch a bolt-on that gives unlimited usage of the latest app, or maybe you just want to update your fair-use policy and congestion management solution to account for a surge in video related to a major sporting event…or maybe you want to do something so new, no one’s even thought of it yet. With the Sandvine Policy Engine, and the PCRF capabilities of the Service Delivery Engine, you can.

“Limitless Possibilities” meets “Easy To Use”

Our ServiceDesigner interface, the world’s first drag-and-drop PCRF GUI, is deceptively simple to use but impressively powerful. By leveraging prepackaged building blocks and setting your own conditions and values, you can design and deploy a new service in minutes, without worrying about what’s happening behind-the-scenes.

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Policy and Charging Control (PCC) with Sandvine

With more than 100 successful PCC deployments, Sandvine is powering the world’s most innovative services. Around the world, we’re helping CSPs implement fair-use policies, protect their subscribers from the impact of network congestion, and launch new revenue-generating services:

Sandvine helped a Telefónica mobile property in Latin America create new revenue streams by enabling bolt-on services built around subscribers’ favorite applications.

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Sandvine helped Smart deliver the first mobile Internet store allowing subscribers to choose the perfect data bundle for worry-free, unlimited Internet and incredible affordability.

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Econet relies on Sandvine to gain insight into subscriber behavior and drive the creation of WhatsApp Bundles, providing subscribers unlimited WhatsApp for a fixed price.

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