Platform Overview

Achieve your policy management objectives and deploy innovative use cases with the world’s only universal, standards-compliant network policy control platform

Every communications service provider (CSP) has their own reasons for implementing policy control: from traffic optimization to network security to service creation to business intelligence, or any combination of those objectives. Whatever your motivation, and whatever your network environment—physical or virtualized, any combination of access technologies, any solutions vendors—the Sandvine platform provides the features you need to take your network to the next level.

Our platform has a number of vital components, introduced below.

Sandvine Policy Engine

The Sandvine Policy Engine is the brain of our platform, and is the foundation of all of our solutions. It lets you realize your business objectives by linking any conditions to any actions. Learn more >

Policy Traffic Switch

Deployed in the data plane to intersect network traffic, the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) is an ultra-intelligent PCEF/TDF that enables the world’s most advanced policy control use cases. Learn more >

Service Delivery Engine

Installed in the control plane, linking the data plane to the B/OSS layer, the Service Delivery Engine (SDE) is the world’s only universal, standards-compliant policy controller. Learn more >

Subscriber Policy Broker

The Subscriber Policy Broker (SPB) maintains subscriber session details and manages network statistics for the Sandvine deployment. Learn more >

Control Center

Control Center simplifies all aspects of managing your Sandvine solutions–from creating and deploying network-wide service policies to viewing network and subscriber traffic in real-time to updating traffic identification for the entire network at once. Learn more >

Sandvine Platform

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