Control Center

Simplify Operations without Sacrificing Functionality

Control Center is Sandvine’s unified policy and operations management graphical user interface, and provides a single mechanism for monitoring operational information, editing network policies, configuring elements, and deploying network policy control solutions. Control Center allows communications service providers (CSPs) to centrally create and deploy network-wide service policies in response to new opportunities or trends, and simplifies all aspects of Sandvine operations management by delivering real-time information and granular control. Control Center plays a key role for CSPs by providing:

  • Operational Simplicity: Tools that empower operations teams to manage the entire Sandvine deployment across the data plane and the control plane
  • Real-Time Insight: Detailed subscriber statistics and network-wide information to expedite diagnostics and troubleshooting, or just to let you verify that your management policies are having the desired effect

Operational Simplicity

Control Center has multiple tools to simplify operational tasks associated with network policy control, including:

  • A subscriber mapping configuration tool that simplifies the complex task of ensuring accurate subscriber awareness in your network
  • The ServiceDesigner user interface that lets operators define and deploy new subscriber services in a drag-and-drop GUI

Real-Time Insight

Running a network effectively requires constant monitoring and fast diagnostic trouble-shooting. Control Center delivers unprecedented centralized insight into what’s happening on the entire network right now.

Control Center PowerView

Control Center’s PowerView is a search tool that delivers real-time information about the network and even individual subscribers, making it an enormously powerful tool for diagnostics and trouble-shooting.

Feature Highlights

Real-Time Aggregate Traffic

Control Center gives you one central location to manage and view your entire Sandvine deployment.

From here, you can start by viewing aggregate traffic for the whole deployment and then drill into individual elements.

Real-Time Aggregate Traffic

Policy Library

Get a head start on your management policies with a list of pre-defined and comprehensively-tested SandScript snippets covering the most common use cases. Just click and import!

For more information, view SandScript.

Policy Library


ServiceDesigner provides a GUI that lets you “drag-and-drop” features to build a service offering and that utilizes a logical hierarchy to organize your services for ease of management.

For more information, view ServiceDesigner.


Centralized Protocol Updates

Control Center simplifies pushing traffic identification packages to all Sandvine data plane elements by applying the latest protocol update to your deployment.

Centralized Protocol Updates

Subscriber Mapping Configuration
A configuration tool to setup and configure subscriber awareness in your network. Simply choose from the options based on your network architecture.

Subscriber Mapping Configuration

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