Partner Portal

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The Sandvine Partner Portal is our partners’ one stop shop for the latest Sandvine marketing material and resources, available through this convenient, self-serve environment. Partners get access to a wealth of information that will arm them with the information necessary to help them position Sandvine products and solutions to their customers.

How to Access the Partner Portal

Registered partners can log into the partner portal with their credentials by clicking the “Log In” button on the top right. If you have any troubling logging in or have any feedback on the portal, feel free to email us!

No Access? No Problem!

If you require access to the Partner Portal, please contact your Alliance Manager directly, or e-mail alliances@sandvine.com.

How does the Partner Portal work?

The Partner Portal is fully integrated with www.sandvine.com, providing access to partner resources through partner-only sidebars throughout the site that are viewable only to registered partners who are logged in.

Partner Navigation Sidebar

Registered partners have access to the “Partner Navigation” sidebar that provides quick links to a variety of partner resources including demos, whitepapers, technology showcases and partner knowledge transfers.

Partner Resources Sidebar

Registered partners have access to the “Partner Resources” sidebar that is peppered throughout www.sandvine.com, providing more resources for the respective page the partner is viewing including additional product and solution information.

Partner Overview
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Handy Partner Portal Tips

Did you know you can change your password?

Edit your profile
When you're logged in, click your name on the top of your screen that displays the message "Logged In: [Insert Your Name]". A drop down menu will appear, click "Edit Your Profile".

From there, you should see your profile information. Click "Password" on the bottom-right of your screen and you will be able to update your password to whatever your heart desires!

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