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The 3GPP 5G Network Data Analytics (NWDA) function and the ETSI Experiential Network Intelligence (ENI) ISG both define a set of initial use cases that detail how analytics can enhance mobile network operations. When these two powerful solutions are combined into a single network intelligence solution, they will create a disruptive advantage for a mobile operator – today and in the 5G future.


Mobile operators worldwide can very quickly visualize their network performance to quickly diagnose hotspots, outliers, and overall network QoE. But without the right data, a mobile operator will not be able to meet the application QoE expectations of subscribers and even worse, will not know if their subscribers are having negative application experiences.


Join Sandvine experts, Nicholas St-Pierre, Vice President, Office of the CTO, and Cam Cullen, Vice President Global Marketing, to learn how to collect and leverage contextual data on a single network intelligence solution to gain a disruptive advantage today and build out your 5G network of tomorrow.

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