Sandvine will be exhibiting at the Milipol 2021 conference in Paris from 19-22 October. 

Sandvine's Real-time Application Forensics enable LEAs to regain visibility into internet communications and activities through unique, turnkey investigation and warrant monitoring solutions for broadband traffic. Leveraging Sandvine’s industry-leading and proven machine learning-powered application classification, LEAs can conduct thorough online forensics analysis to narrow down target lists and investigate suspects, reveal previously hidden encrypted communications as well as securely and legally monitor traffic designated with warrants.

Sandvine is a trusted partner for government and law enforcement agencies world-wide, with solutions developed enabling the next generation of lawful intercept. Sandvine’s Real-Time Application Forensics portfolio will help agencies answer the most complex questions related to internet traffic and communications, for example:


  • Who is calling who using VoIP applications?

  • Who posted a terrorism-related post on Twitter?

  • Who is in communication with a suspected drug dealer? 


Sandvine is committed to providing governments and law enforcement the solutions necessary for keeping societies and citizens safe and secure in the 21st century. We acknowledge the balancing act between privacy and enabling effective crime fighting. Our products and workflows have been carefully designed to prevent human rights violations while still preserving every bit of forensic value to our law enforcement customers. For more information, please see Sandvine’s Product Usage page.

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