Telecom agencies (TA) worldwide are struggling to ensure that their local telecom networks – whether they are fixed, mobile, satellite, or even fixed wireless – deliver the critical network infrastructure to keep their country competitive in the global market. As telecom networks become more complex and policy changes more frequently, telecom regulatory agencies (TRAs), Ministries of communications, or commerce departments have been given responsibility to ensure compliance with the ever-changing telecom landscape. In many countries, this is an indirect role, where the TA mandates policy and the telecom operators must implement as well as provide proof of compliance. In others, it is a direct role, where the TA has infrastructure to enforce policies directly.

In both of these scenarios, the TA’s struggle with the rapid darkening of the internet as encryption becomes pervasive. With over 90% of traffic being encrypted and more of the critical infrastructure services like DNS and HTTPS moving to completely obfuscate any metadata that was previously used to enforce policies, TAs need new solutions that enable them to:

  • Regain visibility into broadband traffic and quality metrics
  • Scale to a national level for the safety and security of citizens
  • Support rapid changes in policy that are needed to meet governmental needs
  • Prevent fraud that directly impacts national economies for digital services

For telecom agencies, Sandvine offers a high capacity solution that is deployed in telecom networks worldwide in countrywide deployments. This solution is uniquely capable of being agile and flexible enough to evolve with the rapidly changing technology and political regulatory environment.

Success story

A national telecom agency deployed Sandvine solutions to manage the proliferation of OTT VoIP on their national infrastructure to ensure that the OTT players comply with their safety and security regulations. The country views unregulated VoIP as a concern, and uses Sandvine solutions to ensure that only authorized OTT applications are allowed to be used for critical communications throughout the country. Sandvine solutions deliver the most accurate classification of the OTT VoIP applications, ensuring that the country’s citizens are protected from fraudulent service offerings, preserving tens of millions of legitimate revenue for the operators.

Telecom agency use cases