The task of protecting your citizens is getting harder every day. The current internet application landscape is increasingly complicated, encrypted, and threatening. Governments are looking for solutions that help them protect their countries while protecting the privacy and rights of their democratic citizens. The challenges that they face daily include:

  • The internet is going dark as more people use encrypted OTT services and VPNs for everyday internet traffic.
  • Law Enforcement Agency PCAP analysis tools (like Wireshark) lack the ability to correlate applications and communications services to and between suspects. 
  • Cryptocurrency is increasingly used to obfuscate financial transactions
  • Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure are constant, and IT staff are struggling to keep up, and if something is missed, there is no backup layer for protecting national infrastructure.

Sandvine's Real-Time Application Forensics is a revolutionary technology designed to help democratic governments protect their citizens. We do this by targeting some of the most challenging problems for law enforcement and national security agencies dealing with network forensics for encrypted traffic. Our solutions can be applied to warranted lawful intercepts of broadband traffic (PCAPs, Live Feeds, etc) to provide application forensics analysis on VoIP, Video, File Transfer, Messaging, and Cryptocurrency activity by criminals or bad actors.



Law Enforcement Agency Solutions

Sandvine’s Digital Witness portfolio is developed to enhance traditional Lawful Intercept solutions, by enabling a new dimension for investigations: encrypted IP-based communications and services. Existing tools like Wireshark are labor-intensive and unaware of encrypted applications. With unique visibility into the applications and tools used by criminals to communicate, investigations become more efficient and criminals can be more quickly arrested with Sandvine solutions.


National Security Agency Solutions

Sandvine's LockHouse portfolio enables the national security agencies of democratic countries to gain a national view of cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructure and monitor national assets. By providing a unique nationwide scale solution, LockHouse enables national and cybersecurity agencies to monitor critical infrastructure for threats in a zero-trust environment by adding a national viewpoint on threats, threat actors, and ongoing cyber attacks that is not possible with local security solutions.


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