Digital Witness Protects Critical Infrastructure and Assets

Digital Witness enables the security agencies of democratic countries to gain a national view of cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructure and monitor national assets. By providing a unique nationwide scale solution, Digital Witness enables national and cybersecurity agencies to monitor critical infrastructure for threats in a zero-trust environment by adding a national perspective on threats, threat actors, and ongoing cyber attacks that is not possible with local or site-based security solutions. By using Indicators of Compromise (IoC) to determine what sites are at risk from security threats, a national posture and response can be managed to protect critical infrastructure. Additionally, Digital Witness utilizes Sandvine's 22-year legacy in classifying applications and their behavior in the network traffic and will flag changes and anomalies in the application usage patterns of your infrastructure, new apps used, new endpoints, etc. to help give a comprehensive view of security threats.


National Security Scenarios with Sandvine

DDOS Attack on Critical Infrastructure
The Command and Control channel for a known malware threat begins to activate a DDOS attack on multiple sectors of the infrastructure of a country. Through real-time detection of the specific threat vector and the attack vector being used for the DDOS attack, the C&C traffic can be blocked to prevent escalation, and the attack traffic can be mitigated.
Bad Actor Attempts Nuclear Theft
A hostile bad actor attempts to penetrate the security systems of a nuclear facility to steal critical information that can be used to compromise the facility. Through detection of anomalous traffic into the site from a known hostile country and VPN service, the threat is identified and the penetration is stopped before any critical information is compromised.
A new ransomware threat is detected spreading through the energy sector, and the national cybersecurity agency is able to identify and give mitigation guidance in a matter of hours to all sites in that sector.

Cyber Security Solutions for Democratic Countries

Protecting your critical infrastructure is paramount in today's environment. Digital Witness can help you accomplish that with our patent-pending portfolio of technology and solutions that fit perfectly in a Zero Trust and a Defense in Depth deployment for government network security.


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