Digital Witness increases investigative efficiency in the era of the encrypted internet

Over 80% of crimes carry network evidence, usually through packet captures or wiretaps. Wireshark is a poor fit for application-oriented investigations, so LEAs need better solutions for processing and gathering digital forensics evidence from PCAPs, especially classification for OTT communications apps.

Sandvine’s Digital Witness's products leverage patent-pending Real-Time Application Forensics technology to accelerate lawful intercept investigations drastically for any investigations using PCAPs. Digital Witness increases the ability and velocity of an LEA to determine suspects, gather evidence, and prosecute criminals despite encryption and anonymizing applications.


Law Enforcement Scenarios with Sandvine

Drug Dealing

A federal agency identifies a drug dealer, who used anonymous, encrypted OTT VoIP applications for selling and distributing narcotics and unraveled the entire drug distribution and sales pipeline.

Criminal Syndicate Revealed

A criminal syndicate is using the Dark Web to sell illicit goods, launder profits, and raise money for future crimes. Police use PCAP files to unravel the syndicate by revealing dark web activities, cryptocurrency usage, and VoIP communication networks.

Domestic Terrorism

An analyst at a homeland security agency identifies the physical identity behind a Twitter account that posts terrorist propaganda and illegal content and arrests the owner with forensics evidence.

Criminal Investigations Fit for the Digital Age

Sandvine’s Digital Witness portfolio is developed to enhance traditional Lawful Intercept solutions, by enabling a new dimension for investigations: encrypted IP-based communications and services. Existing tools like Wireshark are labor-intensive and unaware of encrypted applications. With unique visibility into the applications and tools used by criminals to communicate, investigations become more efficient and criminals can be more quickly arrested with Sandvine solutions.

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